RTBH.ai was founded in 2021 by MRC Omnichannel,
a consulting and digital company based in Lugano, Switzerland.

Our goal is to bridge the gap between theoretical and practical brand marketing by making fundamental indicators continuously, accurately, and objectively measurable.

We have brought together a team of professionals
with expertise in artificial intelligence, cognitive sciences,
data science, social analysis, and marketing.

Our one-of-a-kind AI engine represents the latest evolution of a project developed over 20 years in top universities worldwide.


Thomas Turano


Dr. Turano graduated in Economics from the Catholic University of the Sacred Heart in Milan in 2005. He worked as a tax consultant in Italy, gaining extensive experience in the field of Italian tax law. After moving to Switzerland, he attended the “Master in Taxation and Law” program at SUPSI University.

Massimiliano Rega, PhD

Founder & Partner

Massimiliano Rega is a Senior Executive with global experience in international telecommunications, consulting, fitness, and media companies. He holds a PhD in Engineering Management (Business Engineering) with a thesis on Omnichannel Sales and Customer Experience (Integration of Digital/E-commerce with Teleselling and Retail).

Agostino La Bella


Agostino La Bella graduated with honors in Nuclear Engineering from the University of Rome “La Sapienza” and specialized in Systems Engineering. He is a full professor of Management Engineering, Senior Partner, and CEO of LaBella&Partners. With extensive experience in academic and professional institutions, he has published over 150 scientific papers. Currently, he teaches at San Raffaele University and the University of Rome “Tor Vergata.”

Matteo Bertini

Digital marketing and Communication Manager

Matteo is a senior executive with over 25 years of experience in communication and omnichannel sales, digital marketing, customer analysis, content management, and CRM programs. He has a degree in business administration and has acquired extensive skills in B2C retail (both physical and e-commerce) in the food, textile, baby care, fitness, home, kitchen, and coffee sectors. For nine years, he held the position of Marketing Director in leading companies operating in the digital and television publishing industry.